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Musicians: Please contact us at with any links to your music. Also, include some information about the project. Don't forget, let us know what you plan to do for the brand to help us grow. As well as let us know how we can be of assistance to you. 

Athletes: Do you skate? Ride a bike? Maybe another extreme sport? Please film a 1 minute video of yourself displaying your skills while wearing our clothes. Look at the video as a job application, and you're trying to show us that you support our company. Upload the video to YouTube and send the link to us at Maybe you participate in a sport we didn't list? Send a message and tell us about it.

Events: Need a sponsorship for your event, concert, fashion or charity event? Please contact us via with all information. We love participating with any gatherings that bring people together. 

Anything Else: Tell us about any and all crazy ideas you have. Use as a means of getting in touch with us.



Do you own a store? Interested in carrying our brand? Please contact us with as much information as possible. We are always willing to work with retailers. Please use the contact tab below to get in touch. We look forward to doing business with you!



I am H.O.B.O. "Helping Others Better Oneself"

"Believe in change"